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Economic Development Retention & Attraction Strategy

Economic Development attraction and retention strategy starts with a SWOT analysis to find the community strengths and opportunities that drive certain types of industry successes.  We research those target industries and give the client a list companies along with contacts, phone numbers, addresses, etc. within them to attract to or expand in your community.  We also give them the bullet points of the story to tell as to why their community makes sense for these businesses.

Facility Site Selection & Location Consultancy

Over 40 years of operations experience running warehouse and manufacturing distribution facilities.  I ask why would I want to be there if I were running this operation?  Would this site be the lowest total cost and give the proper go to market service?  We utilize complex modeling techniques to optimize the network structure and proven site selection criteria comparisons to identify the top sites for our clients to prioritize.

Transportation Network Optimization

Go to market strategy is critical to determining the optimum transportation network strategy.  Typically, over 60% of the supply chain cost is transportation.  We determine the total cost structure for multiple geographies and pick the best few prior to drilling down on the other site selection criteria.

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